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Glasnost in the workplace

Most companies are run by dictators ( let’s be honest) with varying degree of benign traits. This company is no different (!), except I’ve been working for quite a few years now to moderate the former and accentuate the latter…. … Continue reading

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Want to get better bang for your print buck?

30 min video of me showing you how (or 5 min read if you don’t!)

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The number of the beast and the new Royal parasite

Royal sprog- I’m sure it’s a little bundle of joy for its parents & I’m very happy for them all on a personal level. Hope it is healthy & has a happy life. In fact all of them- best day … Continue reading

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Podcast of our business model

An interview with Jez Rose to explain how our Marxist-capitalist business works – hope you enjoy it!

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How to create a frugal start up and a frugal scale up

I’ve had a most enjoyable chat with Ben Mumby-Croft about the great new opportunities for having funding-free start ups and funding-free scale up of production. We really were zinging with ideas of how you could in the new world of … Continue reading

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Tales of vodka, Bambi & grim determination at the Baikal Ice Marathon

It’s often been a desire/need/craving of mine to go to far-flung places where very few people live – usually in extremely cold corners of the world – and do something silly for charity. This year has been no exception. In … Continue reading

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Webmart’s Uppy/Downy Desks

Wherever we see an innovation that’s going to help us feel better/work better, we like to give it a go here at the Yellow Shed of Wonderment. One of these innovations is also one of the things most people remark … Continue reading

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