A Management-free Business?

I hate management. Dull, dull, dull. Rather like HR departments… full of people that can neither do it or teach it but like to tell you what not to do. Stifle innovation, fun and freedom.

So since 2009 I have tried to eliminate the formal appraisal and evaluation system that ‘management’ does to replace it with leadership, mentoring and learning….. and crowd-sourcing peer ranking from within the buisness. More fun and more useful to the giver and taker.


Twice a year we appraise each other as Webmarteers. How well we share expertise and support each other, trust each other and even how well we take a joke! Totally anonymously with mine is the only one that is made public- here it is:

Simon Biltcliffe July 2012 how-good-is-he-really-o-meter

My Webmarteer-reviewed performance over last 6 months

The rest are shared between the Head and the individual to form the basis of a development plan- and a way of saying “well done, we really appreciate you” where the areas of strength are shown. Much better than the “ I think you’re weak here & good here” 1-1 management review.

Then we overlay it to the influence you exert within the business ( ie your interactivity with other team players).

Team interactivity July 2012

Team Interactivity Graph

Those how are peer ranked as the best team players with high interactivity = the most influential within the business= the leaders. Democratically elected.
Those have high individual scores but lower interactivity = need to be brought to the fore. Leaders of the future? Certainly need to be given the biggest opportunities.
Conversely those who have poor individual scores but high interactivity=major problem= improve or remove. Fast.

Makes management much simpler, fairer and transparent.

Also makes leadership and mentoring the same- the cream comes to the top.

We do the same with clients, suppliers and other buisness partners.

Dot-to-dot(com) business leadership management stylee for the future? Dunno, but it kinda works.

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