My  wrist is telling me that my training is going well and I’m actually getting some sleep!!! JJJ

Sent: 10 February 2014 14:18
To: Simon Biltcliffe
Subject: UP Weekly: Above and Beyond




Weekly Summary

Feb 3 – Feb 9

Last sync: Feb 8, 12:10pm

Astounding progress, Simon

See how your daily sleep and step averages compare to the week of January 27.


+ 11​ m /night


+ 3,037 steps/day

You got the most sleep


8​ h 16​ m

This week’s average sleep

6​ h 45​ m

You hit your goal

2 times


Average bedtime

11:00​ pm

Uninterrupted Sleep

1 night

Average wake time

5:06​ am​

Your best day of steps


28,172 steps

This week’s average steps

12,710 steps/day

You hit your goal

3 times


Idle watch

You were most idle

10​ am 11​ am

Total distance

75.1 kilometers

You may want to invest in a neon, spandex outfit…

Lifting weights isn’t just for muscle men. Strength workouts often pack more punch than cardio alone. Use barbells to strengthen muscles, joints, bones and to boost your metabolism.

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