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Thursday 21, April 2011

We received an awesome email from a team of schoolgirl entrepreneurs who we recently helped dip their toes into the world of business. As it turned out, they plunged headfirst into the pool and have done an astounding job. And the end result? Fantastic business experience for a bunch of eager, bright young people – and a donation of £857 to the Webmart Charitable Trust (which will then go on to help others). As an example of how a small donation can go a long way – it doesn’t get much better than this!

The girls (part of a Young Enterprise Company from Bath and North West Somerset) formed a business and devised their business plan then asked Webmart for help. Their idea was to create a calendar, identify retail outlets and sell it for a profit. They produced the creative for the project but needed an investment of £635 to print 500 calendars which Webmart was happy to give. They then set about selling. Take it away Lillian… 🙂
“In the couple of months we had for selling, we were successful in applying for a day on the charity pitch at the Bath Christmas market and this was our largest selling opportunity. Our team took shifts as it was a long, 14 hour day but we made just over half of our final profit here, so definitely worth it! Another great selling opportunity we had was to attend a breakfast business networking meeting for small business around Bath. Previous to this we attended our school Christmas Bazaar held in the school hall on a Saturday morning, a Christmas Extravaganza that was held at school one evening and all the parents’ evenings that took place in December. We distributed calendars in various shops that people worked in and they did not ask for any of our profits because they were for charity! Just after the New Year we reduced the price of the calendars dramatically and made sure we were in the school newsletter every week for 4 weeks. Lastly, we organised a raffle at the beginning of February in an attempt to sell the last of our calendars, advertising a chocolaty prize for the winner! ”
Drive, creativity and hard work, invaluable real-word experience, profitable enterprise and a donation to others less fortunate than ourselves. A superb example of everything we stand for at Webmart. Well done girls, and thanks for letting us be a part of it! Finally, another huge thanks to Aero Vote who did us a great deal on the print and Howard Smith Paper who donated the paper for free.

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