Don’t understand what’s going on in the world? Invest 1 hr 20 minutes and you will!

If you’ve ever wondered why there is a tsunami of bad news in the (Western) world at the moment- have a watch of this video and it will all make (perturbing) sense. I started watching it whilst I was doing emails and working generally on my other screens & by the end of it I was enthralled.

Below the video, I’ve bookmarked relevant points of interest by time code and topic.

Enjoy… and if you cant do that, then be illuminated at least!

14 mins- economic challenge for our sprogs

17 mins = the importance of education

22 mins- the dynamics of the job market

25 mins- why investment means long term advantage

27 mins-  entrepreneurial return

32 mins- literacy comparisons

37 mins- what it will mean

42 mins=  why borrowing doesn’t work

53 mins= civil service costs

57 mins=  cost of redistributing our money

59 mins= what we should be investing in & why educational investment

1.01  hr= importance of exceptional teaching

1.05= why manufacturing is important- nay vital

1.06= growth-pole theory

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2 Responses to Don’t understand what’s going on in the world? Invest 1 hr 20 minutes and you will!

  1. Luke Schnacke says:

    Hi Simon, thank you for posting this presentation, very informative and interesting. Action needs to be taken!

  2. David Langdown says:

    That is interesting stuff. The shift eastwards looks irresistible given where we are today!

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