Free stuff!

One of the things I’m always surprised about is how much is available on the Internet for free. Really good shizzle too.

Whenever I meet other people running businesses, often you find yourselves comparing apps, websites that you use or podcasts etc and there is always something that you haven’t heard about that really helps you do your role.

People starting businesses quite often they have heard of none of them, and that seemed a shame ‘cos they end up paying good money out at the time that they need all the money they can for stuff that is available free… if only they knew about it.

So it got me thinking. How about creating a space where everybody could list their free resources and learn about other people’s free resources that they use? It must create value for people in business.

So me and my brother set up as an online resource for everything there is free that we know about. For free, forever (of course!).

If you have a minute could you have a look at it and let me know whatcha think… or any other free stuff that you use not listed? I would really appreciate it as would the growing band of people using it. Thanking you kindly 🙂


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