Glasnost in the workplace

Most companies are run by dictators ( let’s be honest) with varying degree of benign traits. This company is no different (!), except I’ve been working for quite a few years now to moderate the former and accentuate the latter…. with varying degrees of success.


One of the key ways we do this is by having a very open, transparent and aligned business ( saves a lot of bother and any chance of politics entering the workplace… other than the odd rant that Ian McCord and myself have at election time that is!).


One of the tools we have developed and used to achieve this is the Webmart Survey, where everyone within the business ranks everyone else confidentially. Every 6 months.


It gives us a snapshot of how well we are working as an individual, team and the overall business on a range of SHARING traits (including how well we take a joke!). Today is the day we release the July 2013 Edition and, as always, mine is the only one that is made public.


As an additional comparison, I thought I would share the very first one we did ( with slightly more questions which were rationalised to the core ones over the various editions). As you can see I have tried to moderate my weaknesses ( the lowest pink lines when compared with myself perception, the black line) whilst keeping what I’m good at.


In addition we can self-score on the key things that make you a happy Webmarteer ( or indeed in any company). How well does the bag-of-people-bound-together-by-shared-objectives-values-and-processes ( or a “company” as it is more commonly known, for that is all it is made up of) become the little slice of heaven to deliver the following to you:


“How well do you think WEBMART maximises your intellectual value?:
Rate the emotional return you get from working at WEBMART:
Rate the financial return you get from working at WEBMART:
How well do you feel that you manage to balance work/life?:
Overall how happy are you working at WEBMART?: “


Kind of insightful isnt it?


When the individuals survey is combined with the Interactivity graph ( ie how much each person interacts with everyone else) it gives an overall ” influencer” score. Once again, the most influential person within Webmart is the peerless polymath of print and kind chap, a one Neil Moffat! Well done, again that man.


Clearly if someone has a great survey but low interactivity GET OUT AND SHAKE YOUR BOOTY! You are under-utilising your ability


If someone has a poor survey but low interactivity, get your shizzle together and then get out more. Work hard on sharing and communicating


Worst of all is someone with a poor score but highly interactive… they are friction in the business and spreading poor practise. Time to explain which way is up, give them a yellow card and if it happens again, they will need to find their piece of heaven elsewhere. We can’t afford to have friction in Webmart ( can any company?)


Any more info on this, feel free to post below or email me at J



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