I’ve been using Dragon dictate software for a little while now

and it really has sped up my time in front of a computer, as I find talking much easier than typing… But it takes a bit of getting used to.

This morning (as every Monday morning) I was doing my five-minute video to the Webmarteers, sharing all the good things that went on in the last week, challenges, changes etc. Unfortunately I’d forgotten to turn off the DragonDictate software and below is the transcript of my video. I honestly hope this isn’t how it is perceived by sentinel beings, although I fear it will be somewhere between my perception and my mechanical Turk friend!

Read on…

“Watling and you are so you… And you are suitable widgets are you really were in you year and you are you are a young) you are you will by and among so expendable blancmange it is likely as broad a really really fucking by the and and you will be dropped it one way we handle you are you are double what we are holding down a fellow and will you will you and you are you are in a and I and and and and and every time and in and play them vulnerable and you what you are in an driving by all you you you all the way you are here well my little and you see you are you are a likely that you are on the move I always thought with a and the year and a you know 90 am well aware we are in solid and go through and you are you are in an like a and…” enough.

Early new years resolution; I shall have to speak clearer!

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