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Friday, 3 December 2010

Had a chat with a guy called John Elkington yesterday who is a very bright guy on sustainability and ( my words not his) socially aware businesses – talking the externalities in to account when you do business- so the right way to be when in business. Good first meeting- kindred spirits and all that. Anyway, we came to agree on the fact that there is so much stuff in the world that having less actually makes you appreciate what you have more- and it is more eco friendly.

Serendipitously, I got a blog from Seth Godin later on that day, which took it to then ext level but was on the same wavelength- as he says it:

The inevitable decline due to clutter <http://www.feedblitz.com/t2.asp?/198516/23437597/3928197/http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/typepad/sethsmainblog/~3/beylnbquPGo/the-inevitable-decline-from-clutter.html>

Digital media expands. It’s not like paper, it can get bigger.

As digital marketers seek to increase profits, they almost always make the same mistake. They continue to add more clutter, messaging and offers, because, hey, it’s free.

One more link, one more banner, one more side deal on the Groupon page.

Economics tells us that the right thing to do is run the factory until the last item produced is being sold at marginal cost. In other words, keep adding until it doesn’t work any more.

In fact, human behaviour tells us that this is a more permanent effect than we realize. Once you overload the user, you train them not to pay attention. More clutter isn’t free. In fact, more clutter is a permanent shift, a desensitization to all the information, not just the last bit.

And it’s hard to go backward.

More is not always better. In fact, more is almost never better.

So there- think about it- have less be happier!

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