For quite a long time now, data (and therefore ‘knowledge’ and it’s commercially savvy brother ‘insight’) has been democratised by the web. Our world has changed beyond all recognition, not least because you never have to say “I wonder”, you just have to look at Wikipedia to find out what the current state of knowledge is in this area.

My mate Mark Davey, who is a polymath of all things digital, pointed me to this article. We are about to enter a whole new era of democratised commerce based not only on the virtual world but the tangible world as well.

No more need for huge set up costs for long runs to make it economically viable to manufacture stuff people want that looks professional. You can set up your own 21st century factory for (relative) buttons.

Then you have to work out what to do. A clue is here on this video- fantastic!

And then we can remove the drudgery of commute and using tech better – great speech here on this we – can collaborate better and think at a higher plain.

Combining with a fairer way to distribute profits created (see how the Webmart SEXi Scheme works) and we have a better, greener, more rewarding future. Emotionally, intellectually and financially; the only 3 things that matter.


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