Print is expensive. What a competitive advantage that gives us in this omni-media world!! Woop.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Think about it.

1. When you buy something expensive, you have to have trust in the seller before you buy.

2. Trust= the highest form of business relationship.

3. Relationships are the only thing that can’t be commoditised these days.

4. So we in the print media industry have a deep relationship with our clients because they spend lots of money with us.

5. These same customers buy lots of other media things from lots of suppliers.

6. They are also wanting lots of new things that they may have never bought before ( iPad apps, SEO, data services, analytics, email shots, Purls etc etc- it’s endless)

7. We can offer them it all (as an industry)- every one of these are cheaper than print so trust isn’t a problem ( which is usually the main barrier to trade, no matter how many times your sales guys say it’s price!).

8. We already usually have their data files and graphic files to print from and we know their brand inside out and back to front. No risk then.

9. By offering this wider range of services, we get closer to the clients strategy and we help drive their sales. Both makes us less of a commodity and more of a partner.

10. The best bit is that no supplier of this “other stuff” can ever offer the print to the client (they know nowt about it & can’t buy it well at all) so they can’t compete with the print industry offering everything in this wonderfully fragmented media world that we live in. And the more fragmented it gets, the stronger our offer is!

Ten steps to heaven for the print industry… which will morph into the omni-media-industry (with-presses)!
There clearly are caveats; we need to act in a trustworthy way and not expect to make exceptional profits on each line but make more profit in total by offering more; we have to work in partnership with both suppliers (who you will be outworking to) and clients- collaboration is not a strongpoint of the current industry; only intelligent & agile printers will take it up; we should stick to the “output” and not the conceptual- leave that to the agencies who are great at this, etc,
But fundamentally breadth of offer builds on the depth of relationship so everyone wins.

Clients get a proactive media partner who can offer the one-stop-media-shop

“Printers” get more profits and a longer, deeper relationship with their clients

And it’ll be more fun than staring at a loading board all day! Woop indeed.

p.s. Sold my first iPad app today to a publisher. Same Pdf’s that we print from we will now use for this and it doesn’t even cost us an extra phone call to project manage it so we can offer it at great value- and it’s a cool thing to chat about to others. It’s starting already for those that are ready 🙂

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