Recycle You!

I don’t think we are designed to retire; it’s a relatively modern post-war phenomena and only came around because quite often the physical labour that people had done had broken them and they had to stop working.  In this knowledge based world that we now live in, this simply isn’t the case, so why stop? Quite often we can keep physically fit, mentally agile and intellectually stimulated well into your 70’s and beyond if you don’t retire- by becoming a mentor and or investor (of time and or money) in others. The more you give of yourself to others, the more you get back. The classic win-win!

People spend their entire working life acquiring experience, a network of work friends and (often too) much money, with a seeming ultimate aim to keep onto their money whilst forgetting all about their experience and let most of their network fall into fallow ground. What a waste of all that life-effort! 

Sure, you don’t want to have a full time job that ties you to a daily commute and a routine that you don’t find rewarding, but how about if you can use everything that you have acquired over your long and illustrious career and then use it for others benefit whilst giving you the work-life balance you’re looking for?

There are loads of people struggling both with their own businesses/working for other people’s businesses/under employed or over-working who could really benefit from the support that you give or that you could give them once you have hit enough income/experience/network to help ( not your ultimate, just enough will allow you to spare a bit of time top help).  Organisations like the Princes Trust are fantastic but it doesn’t need to be through an organisation. You can DIY it by just putting the word about.

After doing a trial one-to-one mentoring over Skype with a number of people in my home town of Barnsley, I wanted to offer a more scaled version where I could help more people for the same amount of time investment. I contacted the Barnsley Chronicle & we are starting a weekly 5 minute video on hints and tips so that anybody who would be interested could pick up ideas that I have used in the past (some more successfully than others) and just to give them an outside in perspective.  

I feel there is a gap in the marketplace for engaging people who have got time on their hands, a wealth of experience and a wealth to invest to facilitate the recycling of a life’s experience to deliver something to the newer generation or the generation in the squeezed-middle that are suffering quite a lot.  What do you think? Would you be interested in giving it a go?  Get in touch 🙂


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