The number of the beast and the new Royal parasite

Royal sprog- I’m sure it’s a little bundle of joy for its parents & I’m very happy for them all on a personal level. Hope it is healthy & has a happy life. In fact all of them- best day of your life being a parent. That said: Why should we pay for its every breath from here until it dies? What right does it have for this when everyone else in the country are obligated to work hard for what they get and (rightly) are incandescent by people who expect a luxury lifestyle paid for by the state? What justification is there for any family being paid £200 million PER YEAR by the taxpayer? Assuming he lives to the ripe old age of his great grand-parents, this will add up to £18bn donation by us to him and his gene pool! Now, every country needs a head of state. The current cost of the president of South Africa is £172,000 and Nelson Mandela did a good job. Barack Obama is paid £300,000 per year approx and he has worked pretty hard and represented his country pretty well. And it is officially the hardest job in the world. Why do we have to pay 666 times the cost of the American President for an anachronism that doesn’t give us a vision of the future but a vague warm historical feeling about sometime long ago when Britain had an Empire and made up the majority of the world trade? Then we would live with this contradiction, but now we need a new vision and a new style of intellectual and emotional leadership for this country. One that fits a new vision to make Britain a great Britain again ( no capital required). We have a wonderful slice of heaven in the UK with a wonderful combination of multi-cultural workforce (diversity= strength in a globalised world) geography and linguistic historical “luck” ( longitude, GMT and English are relevant historical institutions which cost us nowt and give us MASSIVE societal benefit) and a dynamic, innovative, lateral-thinking, hard-working work-force. We truly are a lucky country. Constitutionally their role is impotent. Shame the members of this institutionalised, benefit-dependent family isnt Time to have the decency to realise their role is too.

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