why run a Marxist-capitalist business

Saturday, 4 September 2010


Most entrepreneurs start out to maximise opportunities for themselves and their family- if the risk is worth the return you give it a go. I did and it worked. Phew!

But then I also wanted to create the same for those that worked at Webmart as well. We created the SEXiScheme & it achieves this; over the last 3 years it has delivered 88%, 55% and 35% of base salary bonuses to every Webmarteers who have worked here for 2 years. Everyone pulls in the same direction, so it makes running the business much easier & more efficient. Trust & common sense mainly replaces micro-managing. It’s more fun as well.

And then we focussed on the least well off in society- The Webmart Charitable Trust has distributed almost GBP 200,000 to great causes over the last 3 years. Details are on http://sites.google.com/site/webmartcharitabletrust/

That’s why I call it a Marxist-capitalist business. Capitalism to make the money and Marxism to make the most of it. For all.

We think it’s a better capitalist model for the collaborative times that we live in. Feel free to email me for a copy of the SEXiScheme if you’re wanting to do similar.

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