Yes I am!

3 hours exercise again today- plus chicken salad for lunch… when will this be over so I can have beer and time again?! (30th March actually! Feel free to make it worth it by sponsoring me J


From: Jawbone []
Sent: 10 March 2014 13:30
To: Simon Biltcliffe
Subject: UP Weekly: Sweet Victory




Weekly Summary

Mar 3 – Mar 9

Last sync: Mar 8, 10:15pm

Simon, you’re rocking it.

See how your daily sleep and step averages compare to the week of February 24.


+ 37​ m /night


+ 2,894 steps/day

You got the most sleep


7​ h 48​ m

This week’s average sleep

6​ h 35​ m

You hit your goal

3 times


Average bedtime

10:48​ pm

Uninterrupted Sleep

2 nights

Average wake time

5:34​ am​

Don’t let the bright lights of technology blow up your sleep routine…

Backlit devices, like smartphones, stimulate your retina and suppress melatonin, the hormone that makes you drowsy. Dim the brights before bedtime to take back your sleep cycle!

Your best day of steps


49,740 steps

This week’s average steps

15,833 steps/day

You hit your goal

5 times


Idle watch

You were most idle

2​ pm 3​ pm

Total distance

101.7 kilometers


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